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France Journal — Europe from the perspective of a teenager

Directly after graduating from high school, my mother — a world traveler at her peak — decided to take my sister and me on a journey to experience Madrid, Paris, and parts of southern France for two weeks.  I enjoyed our time in France quite a bit, especially in Paris.  My grandparents are also world travelers in their own right, and before this great trip my grandmother had given me some very sage advice that I try to keep in mind still till this day: Always keep a journal while traveling else you’ll forget all the details that made the trip so special.  Well, keep a journal I did.  I originally posted my entries as notes on facebook.  Since then I’ve moved the entries from livejournal.com and listed links to my site here. I scrubbed the entries for personal information, which is replaced with text between square brackets. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Trip Plan
  2. Pre-journey
  3. The Airport
  4. Madrid
  5. Day 3
  6. Day 4
  7. Montpellier
  8. The Beach
  9. Paris


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