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France 2007

The Airport

We’ll be off to the airport in 20 min!!! I better write this quickly!

I just want to start by saying thank you everyone for the well wishes! They’ve helped me accept the reality as fact. ha Well, I’ll be calling as many of you as I can between 9 and noon. So if you don’t get a call, then dial [my cell number] and yell at the person on the other end.  Don’t worry, they will give me the message. 🙂

Like I told [a friend], I haven’t gotten many orders yet, but if you have anything you’d like from my little excursion, just give me a holler, or post something on this note–I will check it periodically.

Here’s the list so far:

  • [friend from my Habitat for Humanity work in St. Louis]- fridge magnets from Spain and France
  • [high school friend]- cheese, a gypsie, or a pic of a gypsy
  • [high school friend]- whatever makes me think of her (? Did I get that right?)
  • [high school friend]- whatever makes me think of her
  • [grade school friend]- jewelry, anything funky, or a scarf
  • [high school friend] – something illegal or dead gypsy
  • [grade school friend]- French jewelry


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