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French Practice: Musical Edition

I found this extraordinary French blog aimed at helping people learn the language on their own. The blogger created a Spotify playlist of over 500 songs that range from old school to ultra current. You can check out the Talk In French blog here.

I’ve been listening nonstop. There are few things that keep me relaxed like the sound of the French language in the background. I blame my mother. šŸ˜‰

As a result of this great find, I’ve discovered several French artists that especially impressed me. I thought I’d share this list with you all. They range from party music to cozy couch music.

Yannick Noah

A tennis hall of famer from a former life, Yannick Noah is more recently known for his pop tunes. He can’t be rigidly labeled a pop star, though. His music also has elements of soft rock, reggae, and indie.

Here’s his song Les Lionnes which got my attention in the first place.

La Fauine

Solidly a rap star, his music is well suited for a club or party atmosphere. You can find his youtube channel here.

One of my favorites features another artist I have listed here titled Ma meilleure.

Mademoiselle K

This chick is so badass. A major rock force, she’s got so much attitude and is equally as much fun to watch as to simply listen to. I basically want to be best friend with her and her crew. nbd

Here’s the song that first got my attention.

Matt Houston

Otherwise known simply as Matt, this is an R&B artist who’s Ā been in the game since 1999 and hasĀ had several singles. Though his official site looks like it’s been badly neglected, he’s done countless collabs with his fellow R&B/reggae/hip hop artists.

His 2001 hit R&B 2 Rue got my attention. The lyrics are the same gutter poetry we expect from American rap/hip hop these days, but it’s got a nice sound if you ask me.

Abd Al Malik

A rapper in the truest sense, is also known for his spoken word work. His lyrics and performance are solid.

This song is a bit heartbreaking, but a worthy story for sure.

Peter Peter

I think the best way to describe this artist is as an indie rocker. He would do really well in Brooklyn, and I mean that in the best way possible. I would love to have his tunes playing while reading a good book cuddling with my pup on the couch on a cold day or possibly when I have a group of people over just to chill.

Ways to connect: official site | facebook | youtube

Check it out.


The funk/soul influenced R&B/hip hop singerĀ born in Germany to Rwandan parents seems to have done well for himself. You can find him on his official site, facebook, and youtube.

Here’s a fun party song to get you amped up.


Female hip hop/R&B artist, Zaho is originally from Algeria and emigrated to Canada where she was first introduced to the big music biz. She’s known mostly for her positive lyrics. You can find more from her on her youtube channel or her official site.

Have a taste here.

Sexion D’Assaut

Rap troupe from Paris that’s found quite a bit of success. The fact that they have a VEVO channel, might indicate that they’ve found some international success too.

MC Solaar

An international hip hop star, MC Solaar has been around for decades. Finding a good source of his music was quite difficult, however. After some digging, I found an official blog with music clips here. He’s also got a myspace page – who knew anyone still used myspace!


This artist is pretty eclectic imho. I was already obsessed with his song Papaoutai, then I watched his music video and I officially became a fangirl. I could probably write an essay on this video alone. The lyrics are full of meaning and the video is no different!


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