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howTo(learn_Italian): Week 3

[Edit] Moving this post from howTo(learn_italian) where no one could find it…

Week 3: Monday, October 15

I began my Italian training in earnest on October 1, two weeks ago.

After a thorough study of effective methods for studying a foreign language (more here), my plan was simple:

  • Guide learning with Living Language book & audio lessons
  • Immerse myself in Italian culture and native speaker sound bites through
    • Italian podcast from iTunes Store
    • Italian music (learn song, write it down, translate it)
    • Italian TV
    • Italian soccer broadcasts, analysis, etc.
  • Do NOT focus on grammar at all. Get a feel for the language and build up vocab, ignoring grammar

The first week went splendidly! I completed the first lesson and achieved real understanding on every level (listening, speaking, writing, reading). Come stai? Mi chiamo Michelle. Et tu?..and you would respond, Mi chiamo [fill in the blank]. Piacere….Piacere mio! I would respond, because I am very glad to meet you. And I learned a couple handfuls of other phrases related to greeting people at different times of the day, with different levels of formality. Awesome! I felt like I made some real progress.

After such a great start, week two severely disappointed.  I opened the book once, and didn’t even get close to finishing the lesson. *sad moosette*  I continued testing myself on the old material at random times throughout my day, and I listened to my Italian podcasts in the morning, so I didn’t fail completely. Silver lining, right?

Here’s to hoping week three makes up for the learning I missed last week.  One thing that was very different between weeks one and two that affected my progress was where I ate lunch.  Week one I came home for lunch, while week two I worked through lunch every day of the week because I didn’t want to bike home in the cold.  I bought winter bike wear yesterday, so I should have time to study during my lunch break.

Here, we go Moos-ette, here we go! *Clap, clap*
Here, we go Moos-ette, here we go! *Clap, clap*
Crush that Ital-ian, crush it! *Clap, clap*
Crush that Ital-ian, crush it! *Clap, clap*
Time for work, Moos-ette, don’t be late *Clap, clap*
Time for work, Moos-ette, don’t be late *Clap, clap*

Right, so that’s what I’ve been up to. Thanks for the cheer, guys!


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