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Politically Engaged?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve buried myself in politics – especially the presidential nomination race. I watched two over crowded Republican debates, a democratic debate, Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, and tens of interviews with Bernie Sanders. I even drove several hours to a convention in New Hampshire hosted by a new political organization called No Labels. … Continue reading

Defunding Planned Parenthood is the Wrong Solution to a Real Problem

The Setup Last week was my birthday week, so needless to say I wasn’t following the news as much as I usually do. Typically I rely on C-SPAN live streams to watch hearings at the Capitol, presidential candidate debates and interviews, and the like. I try my best to witness the whole context and understand the … Continue reading

French Practice: Musical Edition

I found this extraordinary French blog aimed at helping people learn the language on their own. The blogger created a Spotify playlist of over 500 songs that range from old school to ultra current. You can check out the Talk In French blog here. I’ve been listening nonstop. There are few things that keep me … Continue reading

howTo(learn_Italian): Losing Motivation

Dec 9, 2012 I’ve got good news, and bad news paired with good news.  Let’s start with the good news. One of the biggest obstacles to my Italian lessons has been cleared!  I can roll my Rs on command!!!  Cue Rolling R sound.  Next chance I have to practice my Italian, I’m going to review … Continue reading

howTo(learn_Italian): Month 3

December 2, 2012 The year is coming to a close, and my Italian lessons aren’t going anywhere.  Lesson 4 of my Living Language book has presented me with an obstacle that I simply don’t have the energy to overcome. As you may be aware, my native tongue is English which doesn’t use trilled Rs or … Continue reading

howTo(learn_Italian): Week 3

[Edit] Moving this post from howTo(learn_italian) where no one could find it… Week 3: Monday, October 15 I began my Italian training in earnest on October 1, two weeks ago. After a thorough study of effective methods for studying a foreign language (more here), my plan was simple: Guide learning with Living Language book & … Continue reading

Learning Italian from Scratch

Italia! A nation full of romance, beauty, and just the right amount of mystery. Wine country, the Vatican, and Roman ruins.  What more could a girl ask for? I plan on treating my sister to an Italian getaway with yours truly as a reward for graduating high school, turning 18 and getting into college. One … Continue reading

Thar She Blows!

I met Sandy head-on on an unusually dark afternoon October 29, 2012. The Friday before I had hopped onto a Megabus ride from NYC to the great Boston, Mass. to meet up with friends at MIT celebrating a birthday in that town.  The weekend had been lovely, full of pumpkin beer, fall bike rides along … Continue reading

Get Ready to RUMMMM-BLLE!!!!

I watched this video on Wed, Oct. 10 which was a reaction to a report published on Mon, Oct. 8 by the U.S. House of Representatives. Watch Opposing Views on Congress’ Claims Huawei Technologies on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. My initial reaction was pure shock, followed by extreme excitement which fueled over six … Continue reading

Fitting the Mold: The American Definition of Woman

The transition from student to working woman has forced me to finally deal with the conflicting messages American society has been sending my way for over two decades.  It’s hit me like a brick wall, and at first all I could do was stand up and look confused, but I believe I’ve finally found a … Continue reading