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Thank you for coming to this evening’s installment of Moosette Theater, and WELCOME to all of you in the audience!

If you are new to this stage, you’re probably wondering what inspired our alias.  Well, allow me to tell the story. Once upon a time in a cold area of the universe, a young and curious mouse crossed paths with a moose missing his flying squirrel.  The moose figured a mouse could replace his lost comrade and asked the mouse to follow him around and learn from him. A handful of years later, this mouse had developed into a moose herself — a moosette, if you will.  She had gained so much from her association with the moose that she was now ready to move on to the next great adventure.  This stage is a place for that story to be told.  Our shows are interactive and are meant to entertain as well as stimulate the mind, so please feel free to interrupt at any time!


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