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France 2007

Part 2: Montpellier

So, after 15 hours on the train, we finally arrived in Montpellier. It’s such a relief to finally understand what people are saying. I was beginning to get super irritable because I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying and mom wasn’t doing a very good job of translating.

The ride over was sort of interesting. There was this guy that always seemed to be laughing at me, and I have no idea why. It was strange. And we were stuffed in this room with six beds, three on either wall. Mom and I had top bunks, and [my sister] was below mom. Two of the beds were reserved for workers, and some Spanish speaking guy about our age had the final bed. He was very helpful putting our heaviest bag away. I couldn’t even attempt to pick it up. It was sort of pathetic. haha

So, yeah, [our French ex-neighbors] have a medieval old home. You can just imagine French women of the time walking up and down these steps. They also have a rocky yard in the back, which is unique in such a small village.

Oh, and the neighbor seems very nice. He’s fixing up the house next door, and it looks like he’s got a lot of work ahead of him.

Well, I’m really looking forward to going to the beach, but [the French mother] says that there’s a lot of wind predicted, so unless I want to eat sand, I’ll have to wait a while.

Until next time. I’m not going to journal as often any more, FYI. Maybe I’ll write on Fri. 🙂


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