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France 2007

Day 4

I’ve got 8 min. Let’s see how well I can sum up the day….

We saw an amazing monastery today, though I wasn’t allowed to take pics…. I really wanted to though. There was an awesome pantheon with the coffins of the past kings and queens made of marble and there was bronze everywhere. I’ll give details when I have time. We saw a lot of coffins today…..not really what I wanted to do, but the cathedral was beautiful too. I took a pic, but was being yelled at at the same time, so it came out blurry.-saving-
ok, [Cara’s 4-year-old] is the cutest kid ever! we went with the family we’re staying with now and they’re all so cute. [Cara’s 4-year-old] and I became better friends today. We played a little soccer, so  I guess that made me cool….We went for a swim too. Today was pretty relaxing. I hear that tomorrow Maripaz will become a slave driver, though. Pray that I survive the tourist boot camp I’ll have to go thru! We’ll see. I’m glad we’ve  covered so much ground already in just 2 days, though.  I’ll enter more details on pics, etc. when I have the time! Keep checking, and thanks for reading!!!!! I’ll be home before you know it!


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