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France 2007, Travel

Final France Entry

Day ???: The Beach

Yesterday was AWESOME!!!! I finally got the beach day that I wanted!!!

So on….wed?…we went to the beach later in the day and had dinner with some of [our French ex-neighbors]’s friends.Well, it was cold, and not good beach weather at all. The sun was barely even out! So I was a little depressed that that was going to be my beach day for the year! So mom organized another day at the beach. And we went Fri. (wow, it’s already the end of week 2!!) This beach was perfect! There were a ton of people, and the sun was out and the water was freezing! Perfect! A plus def. was the lack of seaweed, which usually keeps me from swimming. It took me a while to actually swim, mostly because I wasn’t very hot. I mean, the sun was beating as hard as ever, but the breeze from the sea seemed to balance it all out.

Well, so the day was my perfect summer day, but of course, in the typical [Moosette] way, I got a burn. And in the most unlikely places..hah. Well, if you read my status this morning, you know what I’m talking about! haha I find it hilarious…though painful…[Background: I fell asleep laying on my stomach, leaving parts of my rear exposed to the sun.]

Anyway, we’re gonna see Nice aujourd’hui!! Tourist shopping, here we come! Till next time!


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