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Politically Engaged?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve buried myself in politics – especially the presidential nomination race. I watched two over crowded Republican debates, a democratic debate, Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, and tens of interviews with Bernie Sanders. I even drove several hours to a convention in New Hampshire hosted by a new political organization called No Labels. … Continue reading

howTo(learn_Italian): Losing Motivation

Dec 9, 2012 I’ve got good news, and bad news paired with good news.  Let’s start with the good news. One of the biggest obstacles to my Italian lessons has been cleared!  I can roll my Rs on command!!!  Cue Rolling R sound.  Next chance I have to practice my Italian, I’m going to review … Continue reading

Thar She Blows!

I met Sandy head-on on an unusually dark afternoon October 29, 2012. The Friday before I had hopped onto a Megabus ride from NYC to the great Boston, Mass. to meet up with friends at MIT celebrating a birthday in that town.  The weekend had been lovely, full of pumpkin beer, fall bike rides along … Continue reading

Fitting the Mold: The American Definition of Woman

The transition from student to working woman has forced me to finally deal with the conflicting messages American society has been sending my way for over two decades.  It’s hit me like a brick wall, and at first all I could do was stand up and look confused, but I believe I’ve finally found a … Continue reading


I’ve been brainstorming for the past two weeks trying to come up with a great topic for my first post.  Should I discuss politics? The US economy? The future of the Euro? The recent vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress? Or maybe I could write about all the summer and … Continue reading